Selling Your Yome

When selling your house you will need to know what the market is willing to pay for your house. You will need a broker's opinion of price. Then you will need to make it ready for the market. What is trending and what are the improvements that will give you the most ROI (return on investment)? What are the things that drive buyers away from your home? Also, what other details will place your home on the top of the list of potential buyers? Finally, after the preparations, it will be ready to be shown and hopefully you will be getting an offer quickly!

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Buying Your Home

You will need to figure out what your needs are, what budget you have, and how to put a good offer across the table. One does not want to put an offer too low or too high and have an unpleasant surprise at the other end.  Your realtor will walk you through all the steps and provide you information so you can make sound decisions and be happy with your big investment. There is a cost to getting into a house so please consult with your realtor and find out what is needed upfront to be able to own a home. Hopefully, enough emphasis has been put here of the need of a realtor when buying a house.

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Leasing A Home

When you lease a home here in TX, what are the responsibilities of the tenant versus the responsibilities of the landlord? Did you know that leasing a home is sorta like a preparation to owning your own home? You are responsible for taking care of all the minor repairs and the landlord only steps in when there is a major issue. Your credit and earnings need to meet the Landlord's expectation for you to be accepted as a tenant. When you sign the lease agreement you need to be aware of all the details in the contract! Both the tenant and the landlord need to be clear on the expectations! Please have a realtor by your side so you know you have your interests protected.

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Empower Yourself!

Whenever you are ready to join the real estate market, educate yourself and enlist the help of a realtor that has knowledge about the market you are interested in. Realtors spend hours and days analyzing the market, studying the trends and learning the tools of the trade. Would you start teaching without a credential? Would you go to a foreign country without knowing the language and without a guide? Well, trying to sell your home or buying a home without a realtor feels like going to a foreign country without a guide!

The good thing about the whole experience is that you get to choose who you want to work with. You can choose to use a family member if you work really well with the personalities in your family. You can choose to hire a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, or you can interview a few of the realtors from a company and decide who would represent you best. Sometimes, people like the realtor's personality, other times they like their knowledge and expertise. However, the most important element in the realtor-client relationship is the trust the client feels toward their realtor. It is not to say that personality and knowledge are not necessary elements but trust will be indispensable. So, give me a try and I will be glad to answer your questions!



Ready for a real estate journey?

Please let me be your realtor because I will protect your interests and give you abundant information so you can make intelligent decisions!